Juillet-Août 2013 - Régulation réflexive

9 juillet 2013. Régulation réflexive

Je dois intervenir en septembre prochain à la Florence school of regulation, dans un séminaire consacré à la "régulation réflexive". Voici le teaser de ma contribution !

From classical to relativistic mechanics of regulation in network industries

Exploring the scientific foundations of economic regulation leads us to examine the reciprocal mechanism that links a regulatory device to its regulated system. This reflexivity evokes the modern concept of gravitation as it is defined in relativistic mechanics, contrasting with the standard gravitation as issued from classical mechanics. Indeed, the regulation of a network industry should no longer follow a heliocentric classical model, where operators  feature as passive planets orbiting around a "sun-regulator". An effective regulation should rather look as gravitation in the theory of general relativity, i.e. originate in a geometric reshaping of the market place, seen as a space-time continuum. This reshaping is created by the actors present in the industry, seen as celestial bodies, themselves moved in turn by the field of forces they contribute to generate. The Einsteinian regulation, as opposed to the Newtonian one, is as much transformed by the actors in the market as it impacts them, in a loop of dynamic interpendency.

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